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Hotchkiss Mobiles offers a range of hanging mobiles by artist Joel Hotchkiss. Joel's designs include the popular bottom viewing "Lumen" mobile found under the Metal Frame & Fabric heading and the larger "Tri-Lumen" mobile located in the Larger Space category. Also available are a range of fantastically whimsical mobiles, and a variety of natural and painted metal hanging mobiles. While the majority of Joel's work is intended for indoor enjoyment, he does offer several mobiles designed for outdoor environs.

Metal Frame and Fabric Mobiles
Lumen (shown) & other
Frame & Fabric Mobiles
($110 - $390)

Natural Metal Mobiles
Vintage (shown) & other Natural Metal Mobiles
($145 - $625)

Mobiles for larger spaces
Tri-Lumen (shown) & other
Mobiles for Larger Spaces

($275 - $1200)

About the Artist

Joel Hotchkiss has been designing and creating contemporary, hanging mobiles since 1976. His mobiles have been sold in numerous museum stores including the Guggenheim Museum, the SFMOMA and the Art Institute in Chicago. Many of Joel's designs have been displayed in movies and TV productions including the Tri-Lumen which appeared in The Witches of Eastwick, and the Ascent and Traverse which were seen in Baby Boom.


In addition to the work illustrated on this site, Joel creates original mobiles for larger residential and corporate spaces. Please contact us by phone (413-232-0200) if this is of interest to you.

Whether you are looking for whimsical mobiles or more serious art mobiles for your home or office, Hotchkiss Mobiles offers a variety of hanging and freestanding mobiles for your enjoyment.

More about us, including places where you can view Joel's work >


Painted Metal Mobiles
Ascent (shown) & other Painted Metal Mobiles
($175 - $275)

Whimsical Mobiles
Calypso (shown) & other Whimsical Mobiles
($85 - $120)

Outdoor Mobiles
Airdance (shown) & other Mobiles for Outdoor Enjoyment
($75 - $2200)


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