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"America's Premier Mobile Maker" since 1981... featuring over 30 years of mobile creations by Joel Hotchkiss. Your resource for contemporary, colorful hanging mobiles for interior ceiling and tabletop placement as well as exterior patio/garden settings and commercial installations. Joel is well known for his classic hanging mobiles: the Lumen, Tri-Lumen and Feather hanging mobile designs.

All Mobile designs by Joel Hotchkiss and "Hand Made in America” © 2015.


What Goes Around...

"... Discover this unique art form of hanging mobiles that offers a visually soothing and gentle companionship to hectic lifestyles and adds motion to the living spaces."

Sculptural 3 dimensional mobiles are intrinsically unique as an art form. Combinations of color, balance and kinetic motion transcend static 2D Art and become a source of joy, soothing relaxation and continuous fascination to the observer’s eye adding “life” to living spaces.

Yankee Magazine, New England's premiere Travel Guide has named Hotchkiss Mobiles Gallery and Studio in West Stockbridge, MA a “Best of New England — Editors’ Choice” winner!

“The space is filled with the color and motion of dozens of original mobiles- raw metals, painted metals, fabrics, abstracts--all designed by Joel Hotchkiss and produced in the on-site studio, visible through a windowed wall. ”A unique American Gallery that predominately features “the art of mobiles”. Numerous mobile designs large and small for Interiors and Gardens are displayed from the Gallery ceiling and throughout the large Studio/Workspace creating an amazing sensation of colors and forms in motion.Mr. Hotchkiss also creates one of a kind mobiles and commissions for larger commercial spaces.Mobiles purchased from Hotchkiss Mobiles are shipped directly to your location from our Studio. They are hand crafted and carefully packaged for shipment to collectors and fans across America and worldwide. They are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, materials and prices.

You can select from over 50 kinetic mobile designs on this site with many now featuring Video sequences showing the motion of the mobiles… all are signed and dated by Joel Hotchkiss for both interior and exterior spaces.

Our hanging art mobiles are purchased as decor for private homes, offices, children's rooms, dental offices, and schools. They offer a welcome diversion and much needed joy for young patients and elderly folks alike who are hospitalized or bedridden.

About Joel Hotchkiss

A graduate of Pratt Institute, Joel Hotchkiss has created numerous commissions throughout his career as a Mobile Artist for private homes and commercial spaces.

Joel considers his kinetic art form as "sculpture in air". The popular bottom viewing "Lumen" art mobile is suitable for all ages from small children's rooms to office art.

You can view them under the Lumens Mobiles heading and the larger Tri-Lumen mobiles are located under the Tri-Lumen Mobiles category. There are a variety of metal mobiles natural metals including aluminum, copper, brass and steel. Also a colorful selection of painted metal art mobiles. While the majority of Joel's kinetic art mobiles are enjoyed as indoor mobiles, he also offers several mobiles free hanging and on stands designed for outdoors or utilized as garden art mobiles placed on patios.

All mobiles are "Made In America", hand crafted in our Studio in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts and signed and dated by Joel Hotchkiss. Copyright 2014.

Alexander Calder made the mobile art form popular during the mid century modern or retro period of the 20th century. Now contemporary mobiles are used in a wide range of interior design venues.

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