LUMEN Mobiles

The Classic Lumen hanging mobile is an under viewing mobile and has been our premiere performer since it was first designed by Joel Hotchkiss in 1981. Still very contemporary and modern, the black aluminum framing outlines the nine colorful fabric combinations that we currently offer.

A perfect design solution for over a desk, a couch or in a bedroom and appropriate in rooms for children of all ages from the nursery and up! All arms and fabric disks move independently 360 degrees. Each mobile is hand balanced and signed by the artist Joel Hotchkiss... Packed and shipped ready to hang. No assembly is necessary. Dimensions 22"H x 44"W. Interiors only.

The Lumen variations at the bottom of the page are unique options available in the Lumen style incorporating custom hand painting, spray colorization, reflective mirrored mylar and international flags.

We now offer the Mini Lumen Primary with a name or word imprinted on the bottom oval. Appropriate for a new born, a young child or for anyone on a special occasion. Available with a Purple Oval or Green Oval. The mobile can also be Horizontal for bottom viewing or Vertical for viewing from below.

Alexander Calder made the mobile art form popular and was inspired by Juan Miro using bright, bold colors during the Mid Century Modern or Retro period of the 20th century. Now contemporary mobiles are used in a wide range of interior design solutions.