CHAPERONE Copper/ Stainless

CHAPERONE Copper/ Stainless

About this Mobile...

CHAPERONE Copper/ Stainless
The New Version "Chaperone" Outdoor Garden Sculpture is composed of solid copper shapes brazed onto Stainless Steel armatures. A unique design element is the two pivotal balance points that turn in the breeze that are suspended top and bottom by heavy swivels attached to the large "S" form of this design. This allows for the slight air movement and heavy breezes to move the interior elements of the design. Vibrant colorations of red, yellow, purple and blue are visible on the metal surface. This effect is acheived by heating and rapidly cooling the metal resulting in the instant appearance of colors in the metal. We then lacquer each piece to preserve this unique finish. The steel base is painted black.

The mobile is carefully hand-packaged and signed and dated by the artist Joel Hotchkiss. 72"H x 32"W.

Special shipping $150 UPS GROUND

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