AIRVANE Tabletop Mobile

AIRVANE Tabletop Mobile

About this Mobile...

AIRVANE Tabletop Mobile
Subtle colorations of red, yellow, purple and blue are visible on the surface of the copper vanes of the "Airvanes" Tabletop mobile.This effect is achieved by heating and rapidly cooling the metal resulting in the instant appearance of wondrous hues deep in the metal. The three horizontal circles create the illusion of disks floating in air, that add to the fascination of this home or office tabletop design. The entire mobile is clear-coated with lacquer to preserve the finish. The mobile is carefully hand-packaged, signed and dated by the artist Joel Hotchkiss and is fully assembled, ready to display upon arrival. 12"H x 17"W. For interiors only. The mobile is also available in the Painted style in the inset at left. Choose PAINTED under OPTIONS when ordering.

Alexander Calder made the mobile and stabile art form popular and was inspired by Joan Miro using bright, bold colors during the Mid Century Modern or Retro period of the 20th century. Now contemporary mobiles are used in a wide range of interior and exterior design venues.


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