Our Tri-Lumens Make A Statement In Larger Spaces!

Our most popular Tri-Lumen hanging mobile is created by combining 3 Single Lumen hanging mobiles together to transform into a colorful, multi-piece and impressive work of kinetic art. Hanging from a T-Bar we provide, the final composition incorporates 21 individual armatures and vanes, each moving 360 degrees - independent of one another with over lapping shapes hovering horizontally over the viewers perspective.

The Tri-Lumen is a perfect solution for a room with a vaulted ceiling, an enclosed porch or over a seating area/coffee table or bedroom. The black Aluminum framing firmly holds the fabric circles, creating infinite patterns and hours of enjoyment from an upper or lower viewing angle. 3 Simple connections are all that is required. Assembly Instructions are included

Alexander Calder made the mobile art form popular and was inspired by Joan Miro using bright, bold colors during the Mid Century Modern or Retro period of the 20th century. Now contemporary mobiles are used in a wide range of interior design venues.

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