CLASSIC Tri-Lumen Black and Red

CLASSIC Tri-Lumen Black and Red

About this Mobile...

This Classic Tri-Lumen BLACK AND RED art mobile combines 3 single "Lumen" mobiles that tranform into this very colorful and impressive work of kinetic art. It incorporates 21 individual Nylon fabric ovals and circles, each moving 360 degrees - independently of one another. The mobile is carefully hand packaged, signed and dated by the artist Joel Hotchkiss and requires minimal assembly (instructions included) 36"H x 60"W. For interiors only.

This mobile is also available in the larger TRI-ALUMENA ($1075) approximately 7.5' across and in the GRAND TRI-LUMEN ($3200) approximately 10' across. The armatures on both larger mobiles are heavier than the regular Tri-Lumen arms. Please call us Directly at 413-232-0200 or email us at if you are interested in the larger mobile options.

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