CIRRUS Hanging Mobile

CIRRUS Hanging Mobile
Item# EG-CIR

About this Mobile...

The Cirrus hanging mobile designed by Joel Hotchkiss offers a full pallette of primary colored nylon disks stretched over black aluminum armatures. The mobile is balanced and connected to move in a faceted motion making it possible for one piece to propel the next one forward. 52"H x 50"W. Simple assembly required with easy instructions.

Alexander Calder made the mobile art form popular and was inspired by Joan Miro using bright, bold colors during the Mid Century Modern or Retro period of the 20th century. Now contemporary mobiles are used in a wide range of interior design venues.

The original composition of the mobile will remain predominately intact as shown in the photograph. This design requires a high, open space to allow enough room for it to move freely. 52"H x 50"W.

The mobile is signed and dated by Joel Hotchkiss and is hand-packed with simple instructions for easy assembly. For interiors only.

The colors in this mobile are: Yellow, Red, Purple, Blue & Green

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