GRAND TRI-LUMEN Hanging Mobile

GRAND TRI-LUMEN Hanging Mobile
Item# EG-GR-TL

About this Mobile...

The Grand Tri-Lumen Hanging Mobile is designed for a very grand space. The scale of the "GRAND" Tri-Lumen is impressive with dimensions of 54"H x 102"W. It performs as the regular "Tri-Lumen" does, only bigger. Bigger circles, bigger Aluminum arms and a much bigger circumference that the arms can float within. As the photograph portrays, this mobile is a centerpiece for a large open ceiling space.

We offer this "Grand" mobile in the six standard color variations that the Tri-Lumens are available in.

If you are interested in this mobile you will need to contact us directly. First to be certain the space you have in mind is adequate for this mobile and second to determine the colors that you would like to have incorporated in the mobile. For interiors only.

Please call us at 413-232-0200 to order the "Grand" Tri-Lumen. Refer to Tri Lumens for Color options.


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