CLASSIC Tri-Lumen Designer

CLASSIC Tri-Lumen Designer
Item# EG-TLD

About this Mobile...

CLASSIC Tri-Lumen Designer
The Classic TRI-LUMEN DESIGNER hanging art mobile combines 3 single "Lumen" mobiles scaling up the design into a very colorful and impressive work of kinetic art. It incorporates 21 individual shapes, each moving 360 degrees and independently of one another. The mobile is carefully hand packaged, signed and dated by the artist Joel Hotchkiss and requires minimal assemby (instructions included) 36"H x 60"W. For interiors only.

Alexander Calder made the mobile art form popular during the mid century modern or retro period of the 20th century. Now contemporary mobiles are used in a wide range of interior design venues.

The colors of this design from top to bottom are: Burgundy- Blue- Raspberry- Pink- Yellow- Teal- Raspberry.

See other Tri-Lumen color combinations.

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